What People are Saying

“Wealth is the most comprehensive such book I have ever read. It’s applicable not just to the wealthy, but to their advisors as well.”
-- Malin Burnham, Former Chair Burnham Real Estate Services; Former Vice-Chair
Cushman & Wakefield; San Diego Philanthropist and Civic Leader

“Wealth offers a fresh, holistic financial planning approach to meet the needs of today’s wealthy. Wealth is an informative, easy-to-understand book for anyone who is looking to spend, grow and preserve their wealth.”
-- Kevin Keller, CEO, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

“Wealth does a masterful job of guiding the reader through all the key wealth optimization issues, succinctly, but thoroughly. It’s up-to-date, easy to digest, and motivates to action. Buy a copy for yourself…and another one for your advisor.”
-- Tim Kochis, JD, CFP®, CEO Kochis Global; Former CEO and Chair
Aspiriant; Former Chair CFP Board of Standards

“Wealth offers clear, insightful, and much needed guidance to all of us who want to optimize financial assets in a manner that synchronizes personal
goals and life aspirations.”
-- Gail K. Naughton, PhD, Founder, CEO, Histogen Inc.; Former Dean,
College of Business Administration, San Diego State University

“Wealth provokes you with the right questions and provides highly useful techniques and information to accomplish your goals. Its advice to integrate all aspects of growing and protecting your wealth is spot on.”
-- G. Joseph Votava, Jr., Esq., CPA, CEO Seneca Financial Advisors; Former Chair
Financial Planning Association; Former Chair National Endowment
for Financial Education